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Estudo sobre Células Dendítricas (Denditric Cells-DC)

What is DC Therapy?
Dendritic Cell (DC) Therapy or so-called Dendritic Cell vaccine is a newly emerging and potent form of immune therapy used to treat cancer. Only recently (2010) approved by the US FDA, dendritic cell therapy is an immune therapy which harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. The dendritic cell itself is an immune cell whose role is the recognition, processing and presentation of foreign antigens to the T-cells in the effector arm of the immune system. Although dendritic cell are potent cells, they are not usually present in adequate quantity to allow for a potent immune response. Dendritic cell therapy thus involves the harvesting of blood cells (monocytes) from a patient and processing them in the laboratory to produce dendritic cells which are then given back to a patient in order to allow massive dendritic cell participation in optimally activating the immune system. To learn more about vaccine and dendritic cell therapy for cancer, please read the following articles:

The National Cancer Institute has a very concise primer on Treating and Preventing Cancer with Vaccines on their site.

"Dendritic cells and immunity against cancer" by K. Palucka, H. Ueno1, J. Fay, and J. Banchereau of Baylor Institute for Immunology Research and Sammons Cancer Center, Baylor University Medical Center,Dallas, TX; and Department of Gene and Cell Medicine and Department of Medicine, Immunology Institute, Mount SinaiSchool ofMedicine, New York,NY,USA as published in Journal of Internal Medicine.
Volume 269, Issue 1, 2010.

Dendritic Cells (I): Biological functions” and “Dendritic Cells (II) Role and therapeutic implications in cancer” by S. Satthaporn and O. Eremin of the U. of Nottingham and Lincoln County Hospital, UK as published in J. of the Royal College Surgeons, Edinb.
46:9-20 and 159-167, 2001.

Clinical Applications of Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccines” by Dr. Joseph Barr of the U. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, PA USA in The Oncologist 4(2): 140-144, 1999.

Also, a slide show / lecture presentation by Dr. Michael Morse on “Current Status of Dendritic-Cell Vaccines” is available on the Medscape site from WebMD as part of an educational session on “Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines: Targeting the Future of Cancer Treatment” but requires registration to enter the site.

A youtube video presentation on "Using Dendritic Cells to Create Cancer Vaccines" by Professor Edgar Engleman of Standford University is here.

Abstracts of recent reviews on Pubmed include articles by IG Schmidt-Wolf et al. on “Dendritic Cell, the immunotherapeutic cell for cancer”, TL Whiteside and C Odous from U. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute on “Dendritic cell biology and cancer therapy”, EM Hersh et al. on “Clinical Applications of dendritic cell vaccination in the treatment of cancer

Also, please refer to our Research Archives for many related abstracts on the therapy.


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